Indian Carry

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Own a piece of Adirondack History!

The Chapel at Indian Carry is an exceptional example of authentic Adirondack architecture. Circa 1880, the chapel was built by Champlain Presbytery. Indian Carry is one of our area’s first settlements and is where first settler Jesse Corey called home at his Rustic Lodge. This location and lodge became a popular spot for travelers and was a portage between Upper Saranac Lake and the Raquette River. Later the lodge was leased and eventually sold, becoming a private camp for the Swenson family.

Today Indian Carry is a small community of properties that the chapel is neighbor to. This location has so much to offer - public access from the Old Dock Rd to Upper Saranac Lake and the Trailhead for Axton Landing and Stony Creek Ponds border this property. Upper Saranac Lake is the sixth largest lake in the park being 8miles long and offers access by paddle to the Saranac Lake Chain allowing one to canoe or kayak to Middle & Lower Saranac Lakes, Weller Pond, Kiwassa & Oseetah Lakes and Lake Flower landing you in the village’s center. Next door Axton Landing and Stoney Creek Ponds are within the Ampersand Mountain Wilderness area providing multiple adventures either on foot or by paddle.

The chapel is situated on 4 acres of land surrounded by mature growth white pines. Aside from the number of potentials for this building, there is also opportunity to build another camp or home on the property.


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